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  • Tuning & toning/ voicing

  • In-situ general maintenance & repairs

  • Full rebuilds, re-pinning & re-stringing

  • Action regulation & replacement

  • Soundboard restoration

  • Piano casework repairs/ restoration (French polish & high gloss poly finish cases)

  • Electronic piano repairs

  • Piano removals


We offer the full range of piano services; from a pitch-raise tuning to a complete restringing of the piano.  Full instrument rebuilds, digital piano repairs and casework restoration as detailed below:

As you know, after a time piano keys can start to stick and pedals may begin to squeak.  We are pleased to say that our comprehensive piano support service can assist in alleviating most of these troubles.  Our aim is to improve your instrument to enable peak performance and maximise its sound and responsiveness.


To ensure nothing deteriorates too far - it is generally recommended in the industry that pianos should be tuned at least once every six months; as part of our tuning service we pay attention to the wellbeing of the instrument and offer free assessments and advice. 


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us to discuss your piano.  We are happy to advise and have our brains raided!

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